Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pursuit of happiness

A splendid movie. The whole movie is the story of hopelessly impractical miseries striking a young man and his perseverance in surviving them. His wife leaves him in between and his only son who was still innocently loving him stays with him and feeds him with so badly needed trust..

Leaves us thinking about the family value system in place, also admiring at the courage and hard work put in by the hero....

Does this blog looks like a film review ? it sure does.. so stopping here..


Fear to explore
Fear to jump
Fear to think
Fear about your own mind
Fear of losing focus
Fear of losing love
Fear of failure
Fear to decide
Fear of non-performance
Fear of making a choice

Sunday, March 4, 2007

animal rights

it seems everthing starts with a thought, which gets translates to words... and then there is a long journey where they are put into action...

It is this traslation which people take for granted.. all the papers talk about the packs of dogs which is killing small kids in bangalore.. some people give comments on news papers and some even stage protests in front of governement offices.. but the whole energy dies down with time people forget about them...

pack of dogs chasing a small kid and slitting its throat.. and the cries of its parents captured so skillfully by cameramen..

is it that people of action are people of less words...
is there a way to terminate all the dogs.. maybe give them KFC burgers with cyanide ?

animal rights... !!!