Tuesday, August 5, 2008

i am bored with boredom

after long days of staring into your eyes am realizing that our love was a fallacy.
a necessity of times, for the numbers that it puts into the bank website, and for the feeling of being occupied in some form of relation with something.
as a matter of fact i am fed up looking at your eyes.. your eyes which are the windows to the world of brackets and keywords, stack and heap and all those pulp which goes into the making of software..
neither does your window amuse me,, nor all the terminals that you show to painstakingly look at the dumb prints which give out the same old story again and again
i guess for the past 5 years i have been living with you as some sort of obligation, our love is falling apart and i cannot stand anything but the prints any more. do not show any more black windows with white prints. i do not want to see any compilation errors either. i find it absurd at this point that humans have made up all these compilers and languages for making unfortunate ones like us occupied all through the day and night to make those compositions.

for once i am fed up with boredom,, boredom has started to bore me in its monotonicity.
at least i hope that ladakh will bring a shard of fresh air to my nostrils which has been
smelling the stale AC of video lab for long.