Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A semi logical observation about God and Love

I think I understand a little why there is the divine
For I feel that apart from the survival and reproductive instincts
human mind has subtle parts which can feel and generate love
love which is not amorous, which is neither attached to a blood relation nor attached to a reason
and there are various ways this could be touched upon
certain music, certain poetry, prayer, a place, a mass pilgrimage and any such act
can touch the area of mind which is supposed to link to the above mentioned aspect of love
that could be the reason why so many people shed tears or become emotional when they are in a holy place or with holy company
Now there is an intelligent design, or an evolution based on an intellegent design for evolution, or something which has left this particular
part of human psych intact, which could mean that the design of evolution could be directed to or originated from something called the divine... maybe...
For a perfectly logical mind, which is like a computer, an infinitely complex logical machine, there is no need for such a feeling and there is no attraction towards such a feeling too...
the argument by far says that god is a very very emotional concept and so is love and a logical mind which would consider emotions as secondary would never need a god or need not accept a god....
well i guess i am very less expressive in this realm... but i guess it cannot be expressed...
it is something which has to happen...
it just has to happen.. and i wish some day it will happen to me...

Monday, February 25, 2008

It has been a long long time

Oh yes it has been a long long time since I last wrote something without an output motive. I guess the society these days do promote the result motive individual.. anyways..
So again now I have to think for it is a little mean and my fingers would stop typing if there were no meaning in what is being written.
I still do not get the courage to let go in writing. Abstract poetry would have been better since it would save me the embarassment by being naively stupid about most of them.

1. Well yes, so for all the people out there, do people believe that there is a means to live efforlessly like the Spiritual teachers are saying these days ?

2. Is there a way for a human to solve and go ahead through the intricacies of life analtically, while living in life itself ? I guess that was not worded correctly; Well when a person is critically in the midst of a serious issue, which also corresponds to emotions attached with it, can it be so managed that , it is seen as a problem as such without the emotions associated with it.

I do not think so, and if it were possible, then life would have been a higly complex series of interminkled problems to be solved. when i say problems, i mean in a positive way, like a computer scientist would describe " the travelling sales man problem"
As a matter of fact i was quite surprised while i got such a description to real life problems with emotions attached to it from a computer scientist [a computer engineer for that matter, the distinction is still there]

Well if it is possible, then the most intelligent problem solver should be the most successful person in life while it is not the case most of the times.

NON-Serious Writing

After a terrible long interlude, just happened to write again. Though this period was very tumultous in various realms of my personality, I would prefer not to write about it in a public domain since, that would infringe many of personal and professional breach of privacy for the important lives of many third parties.
Well yes... the writing style is being influenzed by the throught process of a long time. Does it sound like a stupid business contract.Anyways I am not surprised either. Now when I think about it why should I write, that too in public domain.
Let me list down some of the so called advantages:
Writing improves writing skills.. well till now i do not intend to make a living out of writing.

but I sure do think that any creative outburst should be giving a sense of pleasure for the human being doing that and for that matter i guess i am maturing enough to figure out that the most important part of the human existance is his thoughts and the pleasure that comes out of creative outbursts from the thought process though i do not distinguish between the right and left brain and all those nodal separations.

And also this portion of just making no effort to do an activity in itself is a pleasure. I do not intend to re-read and edit an article or a poem or review it again. Writing for writing's sake should be explored. it should definitely be explored.

i should say that there is no amount of information pouring out in these words, nor there is any thought process coming out, except that maybe i have got into the habit of using words together in a flow to mean nothing or to mean something so that it sounds appropriate for the to just jot it down...

Again that was pretty selfish. A very selfish way of not putting your effort to come up with creative writing.. Well so be it. I guess I should be selfish at least in my blogs..

Oh yes I should be...

Now that I have come this far, let me think about something... in the meanwhile post this post