Monday, May 3, 2010

Back to cubicle life

Back to cubicle life.
After a hiatus of an year, now the cardboard boxes are back.I am surrounded on 2 sides by them and the employee-collar that makes you one among the pack.
No expectations as of now, but I like the discipline of sitting in front of a laptop for 9 hours and having something which i have to do. Maybe there is nothing like interesting stuff as I have been wandering aimlessly for the past one month without anything to do. I bloody well do not have an intellectual curiosity to pursue, except the occasional browsing of wikipedia.
Maybe It is good.
I am made to lease my mind to corporates for the sum that they credit into my bank account every month. But hey, maybe not. Maybe I will find this job interesting, manipulating minds and systems and processes in my own way. Maybe I will align it with some ambition which I have developed in my mind, conditioned by circumstances, and evolved through time and acquired foolishness
Maybe, just maybe. I will wait and see...