Sunday, March 2, 2008

Relative Hypocrisy

For is there anything in people which is not relative hypocrisy. Of course not with me. Any deep dwelve into your mind will reveal a hidden motive for personal agenda in terms of any act that you do. Any act for that matter.
Now even for the logical mind who claim to project objectivism and individualism as absolute truth, well maybe there is a logical beauty to the statement.
That it points or it favours an absolute sense of reality and it can very easily touch the logical mind. Well then there is an issue; there are emotions, well not only animal one's or one's which are considered less subtle, but emotions which make you think that they arise from something called conscience or something more humane and when any act is arising out that there is this organized philosophy of making piffles of it, pettying it and de-humaninzing it.
Well for that matter the absolute truth is that had there been no emotion, there would have been no worldly or humanely act transforming the life of the society. Not at all.
But I guess there are acts arising out of an abolute sense of reason, and it seems an act itself is not necessary.. I do not know..
It is just a guess and some reason of knowledge...