Monday, November 23, 2009

when you have nothing to do

when a child is born, it never had to do anything
it knew when it needed milk and cried for it
it knew what was pleasure and tried to seek it
and then it got conditioned
to do things for survival
to stand things which it did not like
and now... it does not know what to do
when it does not have to do anything


Sunday, November 15, 2009

when it lasts

why do we need to lose something
before missing it?
why do they need to be away
before liking them?
why do we not value something
when it lasts?
why do we have to think back
and say those were the times?
why is life not joyful
when it happens?

Sunday, November 8, 2009


the sea was always calm
and played a melancholy silence
painted the dark blue sky with
touches of nostalgia and poignancy

and it slowly changed
and painted a scene
with blue and dark images of passion
with waves dancing full of life
and winds blowing in harmony
and the birds flying back in flocks

while the sun was setting ahead
the message was now different
that life is passion, it is not a struggle
an enactment of the search for beauty
full of energy and boundless charm
and to find the peace within
to see the world through a new lens
one which can see beauty and nothing else
maybe love and music and colors of trinkets
that the wars are not glamorous
neither honor, nor style
that the drops of passion that has fallen
into pieces of work, that drops of love
shared with people around
and that wakes you up the next day
full of boundless zeal and cheerful form