Saturday, December 26, 2009

Simplistic depiction of a wedding

white flowing dress
dark glowing tress
chimes and flowers
bouquet and clovers
arches and domes
whispers and small chatter
and more audible patter
smile of hope
knowing glances
and then the vows
and applause
fun and frolic
dine and wine
and a pleasant wind
two distinct bodies
and a single mind


boredom creeping in
moments of nothingness
some unknown thoughts
registered in memory and washed away
some unseen scenes
flashing and fading away
surfing through the cyber world
for unseen pages and images
slacking before the exam tomorrow
with umpteen slides galore
wasting away time
no inspiration

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Voluntary Boundedness

Classic cacophony
disturbance and chemicals
bounded bounded self
bounded bounded self
cynical world, manners to keep
social capital
burning sun, sweaty forehead
thirsty dry lips
patches of grass, white sand all around
bounded self but no compulsion
voluntary boundedness
dry straight road, waves pounding
the rock, and again voluntary boundedness

Friday, December 11, 2009


I am for once intrigued
by the melodies created by musicians
by the picture made using notes in their key boards
and tunes from their violins and colors from
their guitars

and again the collage of different sounds
and emotions pasted together
taking from the palette of nature and
the genius of the creator

i wonder
where do these notes come from
how do they make a symphony
and take you to an unknown realm
how sometimes words join the symphony
with music encircling them
entwined in an erratic motion

words and sounds and colors
and the symphony of their moves
i wonder again
is it the genius of the creator ?
or is it the genius, the creator ?

peppy music

fallen leaves
lonely road
trees on either side
peppy music
floating through the air

early morning
warm sun
peppy music
floating through the air

warm coffee
pleasant rays of the sun
playing hide and seek with the leaves
trotting through the road
sipping in the caffeine

peppy music mixed with
the sound of waves lapping the rocks
sea shore in the distance
trotting through the road
sipping in the caffeine

sea gulls and crabs
sunbathing tourists
seashells and mystic curios
dancers in the platform
and peppy music
floating through the air

Friday, December 4, 2009


here i am
spreading wings far apart
flying across the blue sky
spotting fields of wheat
and stack of hay

here i am
a freebird flying to no place
nothing is binding no wind is forcing
me to fly to that place

here i am
a freebird
here i am