Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunset in alleppey beach

the sun has paused in its way
just for a moment before dipping into the sea
splashing the reddish orange paint across the horizon sky
the world has paused for a second 
before moving to darkness
the waves lap a silent whisper 
on the shores of the sandy beach
cool breeze blow leewards 
bringing respite to the day's heat

an ecclectic mix of colours play around the shore
with kids managing to escape the wave
but getting wet on trying once more
vendors selling cheap sweets
and tourists gaping at the beauty and the diversity
some small architects trying their designs in sand
to be washed away in the next wave
by the never-approving sea

some brown skinned boys playing in the waves
while kites trying to hold up against the blowing breeze
with the light house checking the sanity with long bright beams
and the old coffee houses with occassional lazy travellers

the new age digital cameras clicking around to capture
the frame that comes once per day
the ecclectic sunset in Alleppey beach