Thursday, March 19, 2009

Image courtesy: Lijo

bland ?

i sit in my chair in front of ivory desk
with a pen in hand and open book
i look for creativity to come to my finger tips
sipping black coffee with shivering lips

they said cocaine is better than caffeine..
or let all chemicals run in my blood
with tabs to get rid of this lingering feverish mood
and memories they come in a long train

no i am bland these days.. with feelings replaced by logic
no more the weakling who used to feel
instead metamorphized into this blandness..
making decisions based on statistics

let the room warp into a hollow space
and let me curl into a small ball
lying in a corner with no thoughts
but visions and hallucinations running through

and let my body be lighter and let it float
through the start studded skies
still there is no color to taste
and no drama to enact with passion

and let me sleep bland
with this lingering fever and tablets in my blood


a half written poem

you were the misty mornings
you were the chilly nights
you were the sweet melodies
you were the silly fights

the reason for unending walks
the season for unending talks
the cinemas that mock the audience
the dances that test your patience

the thousand nights of sipping coffee
and thousand fights over keeping pets


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

spread the light

Image courtesy: Lijo Jose

share the flame
share the light
take it away
brighten the streets

spread the cheer
don't spread the blame
when you and me can
share the flame

when the world is hiding
in darkness of hatred
spread the love
spread the light bright red

don't divide in color
not in breed nor creed or deed
share the flame
share the light
take it away and
brighten the steet


Friday, March 6, 2009

i'm liking me

the me who is always with me
the me who never complains that i am never there
the me who does not mind me paying the bill after a beer
or not paying the bill

i like being with me
through work, through play
with the crowd
and all alone

i 'm liking me
who gets angry sometimes
who gets sad sometimes
but mostly i am there
and i like me

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All are terrorist

Some day back they killed Bob Woolmer,
And before that they burned Rajiv,
Even before that they killed Indira,
and after that they massacred sikhs.

Some days back they burned the hindus in a train
and godhra massacred muslims in thousands
and they hated tamils in lanka and tigers killed singalese
they have been killing jews in israel and bombing muslims in palestine
the same one's massacred pundits in kashmir

some days back they killed 100's in Mumbai
they bombed the Marriot
then they killed the policemen and wounded the cricketers.

the more cunning one's attack women and guard morality
attack Purdha and guard patriotism
hindus, muslims, xtians, jews, tigers, lions
maoists, naxals, fascists, sikhs, communists, zions
capitalists, moral-policemen
all are terrorists
and i am one among these men