Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independence Day Evening

The sun has set for today; the speeches have echoed in deaf ears
indifferent souls having tea in humid summer; 'maoists' shouting in the forests
and 'kashmiris' in the mountains; hunger in the streets and corruption in the corridors of power
statues and parks for bygone 'Netas'; grains rotting away in godowns for the emaciated souls
The non-inclusive forest-dwellers and the land where sun rises

Xenophobic population; identity defined by surnames and caste names,
Sticky brands followed through generations,
Divided by language; divided by birth; by the direction of worshiping god;
by the length of facial hair, color of skin, dialect of language;
Morals only for school kids, with the luxury of daily bread

The sun has set for today and will it rise tomorrow ?
There were people in the past who had souls
Today locked in photo frames and remembered during national holidays
The sun has set for today and will it rise tomorrow ?

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V.V. said...

Good one, Absolutely true...