Friday, September 19, 2014

Religion, Economics and Purpose of life

Purpose of our lives is to contribute positively to the global village that is moving towards progress. There are different set of rules people are using as guiding principles in this journey.

1. Rules of Religion which have been introduced to select few prophets/sons/avatars by god himself(or herself) over the course of mankind's history

2. Rules of free market economics that is derived from super specialization of labor. Humans specialize in producing one item/service and trade that to obtain currency which can be traded later to consume something else

3. Rules of administration: This overlaps between the first and the second set in many areas and also defines the framework for the first and second to operate

The second set of rules is very powerful.
However, amending the second set is very difficult and it is currently open to many convenient interpretations. Right now, a lot of chaos in the world is caused due to mis-interpretation of the second set of rules.

If youth today is searching for meaning of life there are two answers to it:
1. "There is no meaning. We are cockroaches. Exist. Eat, Drink, Live and Die"

2. There is meaning. Your purpose is to add positive value and goodness to the global village.
You may pursue any noble profession which does not harm people, make money and use this economic currency to drive other engines which in turn add value to the global good. (rather than locking money in lockers/real estate etc)
                       The path to achieving this purpose is through mindful living.Being aware of every vibe that your interaction with the outside world and your inner world is producing.


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